Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Monthly Message is Here!

We continue our cycle of monthly messages for 2014 with the message from April 1, 2006 for our prayer groups and personal reflection.

April 1, 2006 (2014)  


My apostles seek to please Me. The desire to please your Savior, all by itself, gives Me the greatest consolation. If you have the smallest desire to please Me, little apostle, you can be certain that you have already done so. The desire to please is only the beginning, of course. From that desire, I move you into active service to the Kingdom. How badly the Kingdom of God requires steady apostles in this time. I rely most heavily on those who are consistent in their service. My little ones see My plan for them in the present moment. At times My little ones underestimate how I intend to use them in the future. This is acceptable, of course, because it is best if a serving apostle remains focused on the day in which he finds himself. Let Me assure you though , that the level of service I can gain from you tomorrow, and in every tomorrow I grant you, is directly affected by the level of cooperation I gain from you today. If you serve Me in completeness today, you can be assured that I am preparing you for even greater service tomorrow. It is all about practice, after all. You must practice being holy. My dear friends, My apostles, do not be afraid of tomorrow, regardless of what occurs today. My plan is detailed and accounts for everything. I will care for My beloved friends and their loved ones. I am God. I am all-powerful. You cannot place too much trust in Me because I will always out perform your greatest expectations. Serve completely in today, My friends, and I will use you even more effectively tomorrow. Trust Me. I will protect you.

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