Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Message from School of Holiness!

Greetings Irish/U.K Lay Apostles,

Direction for Our Times is having an Open Day at the Kilmore Diocesan Pastoral Center in Cavan, Ireland. Anne, a lay apostle will be presenting on Contemplative Prayer. Special Guest Dr. Mark Miravalle will be presenting on our 'interior church'. Everyone is invited to join us! 
This event is free of charge. 
Quotes from Anne, a lay apostle... 

"In terms of recovering our minds from over-stimulation caused by too much noise, entertainment and information, we introduce our contemplative prayer formula. The aim of this prayer is to introduce a methodology which allows Jesus to actively heal and direct us."
"We know that Jesus wants to use our minds to do important work in our souls. The Catechism teaches that there are three types of prayer: vocal, meditative and contemplative. This formula is offered as one type of contemplative prayer."
"If we pray contemplatively, with discipline, Jesus will recover and transform us with contemporary graces for this time."

Dr. Mark will be presenting on our interior church and we are happy to share his book that is available now. 

"What difference does it make if there's a pearl in the oyster? A big difference.

What difference does it make if there is treasure in the treasure chest? Big difference...
That's why it's so important that every human honest and courageous enough to ask the life changing question: what's inside of me?"

- Dr. Mark Miravalle, Author and Guest Speaker (quote taken from inside 'Who Dwells in You?') 

p.s- School of Holiness 2014 Updates coming soon!

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