Wednesday, May 7, 2014

School of Holiness and Adult Faith Formation Dates and Details

 Email from DFOT today:

This past weekend we had the Adult faith Formation Pilot Program in Ireland, 2nd- 4th May 2014.

It was a great success with over 50 people attending. This is what people were saying:

  •  ‘I absolutely loved it! I really felt like I was absorbing all the information and the techniques that were taught. I was very interested in all the ways we can touch upon anxiety in our lives.  For someone who has a hard time concentrating I felt myself completely enthralled. It was comforting to know that there was a reason for feeling the way we do at times. I’ve heard Anne’s talks over the years and I can genuinely say that there is always something new to take away from what she has to say. Thank you’. 

  • 'I felt very comfortable within the group and came with an open mind.  I was very enlightened. The weekend gave me loads of food for thought. We can be so involved with the spiritual work and forget the human side. I feel my heart and mindhave been opened and ready for change and structure. It was a very gentle approach but got in deep and we really learnt some new skills. There is a great need for this, thank you Anne. We were all blessed to be present at this weekend’.

  • ‘I liked the fellowship with all those attending and the availability of Confession and Holy Mass. I liked the explanation of personal boundaries and Anne’s core teaching of ‘Christ’s Love for me’. I enjoyed the friendliness of all the staff and Fr. Darragh’s helpful input throughout’.


Reminders of coming events:
  • Adult Faith Formation Chicago USA May 23rd-25th
  • School of Holiness Chicago USA May 23rd – 27th.
  • School of Holiness, Cavan Ireland 2014 July 1st -21st

  • For information on this year's School of Holiness (click here!)

Please support us financially as we try to cover our costs. Each year has been such a blessing to the young people who are able to join us for these retreats and each year, with your help, we are just able to cover our costs. This year is no different and I’m asking for your help in assisting us financially as well as your prayers of support. Also, please spread the word about these retreat opportunities to your family and friends. 

       Donation Opportunity? (Increments of $1- Click Here) 

Thanks to those people who have helped us raise $750 for this years School of Holiness. We still are in need of $2,780. 

This is our last call to assist students attending this year's School of Holiness. Your donation of $25,$50,$100 dollars will support the various incidentals such as airport pick-ups, field trips, teaching materials, and other costs to host students both in Ireland and Chicago to learn about their Catholic faith and human formation as young adults. 

Angels from Heaven direct your path! 

-Justin and the DFOT team.

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