Saturday, March 22, 2014

Grace by the Case: Featuring Volume Six

"Grace by the Case" is now focusing on
Volume Six: Heaven Speaks to Families... 

...which includes messages with extraordinary graces available for motherhood.

Are you or your prayer group considering adopting a "Grace by the Case" box? Then help us now by pre-ordering your box today...  

"The days may seem tedious, dear mothers, but when stitched together they make the most beautiful tapestry that illustrates growth of a little soul."

- Mary an unknown saint, Vol. Six 

Can you think of any families or mothers in your life that would benefit from Volume Six? This Volume is especially helpful to new couples, couples expecting a child, or a family you know that would like a helpful way to know how to practically become holier and happier. This Volume offers great heavenly insight, tips on purity, motivation toward better parenting and more. "Grace by the Case" is one way to bring this Volume to many families and we need your help! 

Each Box contains 60 copies of Volume Six: Heaven Speaks to Families and allows lay apostles to help us spread the Rescue Mission to families in local parishes, communities and neighborhoods.

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