Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Monthly Message

We continue our cycle of monthly messages with November 2005 for our prayer groups and personal reflection. 

November 1, 2005


"My apostles will be known by their love. It has always been this way. Look for those who treat others gently and you will see My hand at work. If you begin to follow Me, you will be gentle and loving to other souls. Dear apostles, during this time I send you great graces. Everything you need comes from Me. Do not hesitate to answer My call because you feel you are not holy enough. You are called to holiness, it is true, but all genuine holiness comes from Me. If you ask Me, I will send it to you in great abundance. I notice that many souls fear a commitment to Me because they see only their own flaws and weaknesses. At this time I want you to stop thinking about yourself in those human terms. It is your humanity that delights Me, My friend. It is your humanity that gives Me glory. Souls in heaven give Me praise, it is true. And I return their love. But when a soul on earth, acting from faith, makes even the smallest gesture of love or fidelity to Me, I am given great glory and the family of God is given power. Yes, each time a soul on earth steps out for God in any way, the Kingdom grows. Do not put a limit on the importance of each little act and each little prayer. If you rose each day and pledged your allegiance to heaven with an honest desire to serve, and then went out and committed sins all of that day, you would still be considered a friend to the Saviour. Now I know that you will not do this because when you pledge your allegiance to Me, you are then wrapped in great graces. These graces assist you in each moment and illuminate My will for you so that you can more easily make heavenly decisions. But I am making a point so that you will understand that if you try to please Me in even the smallest way, you will change the world. Each prayer, however small and imperfect, fuels this renewal. Will you answer My call? I am relying on My apostles on earth to spread My words and to allow My light and love to flow back into this world. It is only a difficult job if you rely on yourself. If you rely on Me, you will see the greatest things happen in the shortest time. You will be filled with My love for others. Ask Me for this. When you do not feel My love, remind Me of this promise and I will make good on it by sending you great love for others. This prayer always reflects My will and it is always answered. If you see souls through My eyes, you will love them. Be at peace in each moment because you are surrounded by heaven. There is nothing to fear. Let love direct your actions and you will be a part of My team."

I absolutely LOVE this Monthly Message. I remember reading this message when I was first introduced to this apostolate.  I pulled up all the past messages I had missed after seeing Anne speak in 2006.  This message, to me, encompasses all this mission is about.  Love Jesus.  Love others. Pray. 

God bless,

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