Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sight But Not Clarity

There is one thing about aging that drives me nuts . . . the need for reading glasses! I truly miss the days of getting a text message on my phone sans glasses. So I have taken the matter into my own hands . . . I have at least 5 pairs of reading glasses scattered around the house so I am never without clarity. I have increased the font on my iPhone so text messages contain about two words per line (my daughter Whitney got a big kick out of that when she saw a text come through!). But, I discovered a huge advantage to diminishing focus . . . the wrinkles don't appear quite as deep! The other day I needed my glasses to see clearly in the magnifying mirror and yikes! There were wrinkles in places obviously not seen with my naked eye that, quite frankly, I really didn't need to know about! However, something positive came from this dose of reality. I am getting older and my time on this earth is finite. I had to ponder this question . . . how do I want to spend the second half of life? The answer was clear. Loving more. Shining His Light the best I can. Sharing the Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King with everyone I encounter. Encouraging discipleship and evangelization no matter how big or small. There is a lot of work to be done, lay apostles. The time to start is now!

In todays Gospel (Mark 8:22-26), it takes a few attempts for the blind man to see clearly:

When Jesus and his disciples arrived at Bethsaida, people brought to him a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him. He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. Putting spittle on his eyes he laid his hands on the man and asked, “Do you see anything?” Looking up the man replied, “I see people looking like trees and walking.” Then he laid hands on the man’s eyes a second time and he saw clearly; his sight was restored and he could see everything distinctly. Then he sent him home and said, “Do not even go into the village.”

In the booklet Heaven Speaks About Addictions, St. Barnabas shows us that true clarity can only come from God:

"Your role in the Kingdom will become clear to you and you will use this clarity to illuminate others. Think back on your life to those who have helped you through difficulties. These souls were serving heaven. You must do the same. There are many souls whom you are destined to assist. You do not want to reach the end of your life and find that these souls went without necessary assistance because you were trying to numb yourself. Dear friend, be at peace. You are being called by name. Answer “yes” to Jesus and He will take care of all of your difficulties."

Lay apostles, think about how you want to spend the rest of your life, no matter how young or old you are. Is it about making more money or striving for heaven? Is it about status and ego or shining the light of Christ to others in darkness? We have this choice every day. I choose the way of the Lord to the best of my ability. What do you choose today?

Thank you, Lord, for all the lessons of love You provide in the Gospels and messages through Anne. Help me to say and do the right things for Your Glory!

God bless,

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