Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Monthly Message

Remember that movie "The Jerk" with Steve Martin? Especially the part where he gets the phone book with his name in it?  He says excitedly, "The new phone book's here!  The new phone book's here!" Well, that's how I feel when the Monthly Messages arrive!  This month we actually start with the very first Monthly Message Jesus gave to Anne a lay apostle in December 2004. Even though I've read the message in the past, it is beautiful and applicable to this day . . . right now.


"I send graces down upon your world. Indeed, at this time, I begin to flood the world with heavenly graces that will heal souls and convert hearts. Dear children of the one true God, your Saviour prepares to return. I want each one of you to welcome My return to the world. In order to do that, you must quiet your heart and accept the gift of My divine grace. I hold the greatest acceptance and forgiveness for you all. My heart bursts with the love I have for you all. And I am returning to reclaim you all. Children of heaven, feel My joy. The time of desolation for souls is at end. I am returning."

The time has come, lay apostles, to embrace the messages to their fullest and live as Jesus is instructing.  He couldn't have made it any easier! 

God bless,

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