Thursday, January 21, 2016

March For Life 2016

Today is the National Prayer Vigil for Life. Last year around this time, I communicated with a young unmarried woman who just found out she was pregnant. Although the father and his family insisted on an abortion, this young woman was adamant about keeping the child. She told me God had a plan for her and her baby. I can't tell you how impressed I am with her attitude and her choosing Life over death. Although it is not exactly what she had planned for her life, she could see beyond appearances, beyond what is "acceptable" in our society, and know God doesn't make mistakes. She now has a beautiful, healthy baby girl who she says is her reason for being here on this earth. She is a single mom, still struggling to balance motherhood and financially supporting her child. Not an easy task for sure, but one that can be achieved through prayer, hard work and most importantly . . . trust in Our Lord.

Todays Gospel (Mark 3:7-12) demonstrates Christ's love and mercy for all seeking healing, despite their "follow the crowd" mentality:

Jesus withdrew toward the sea with his disciples. A large number of people followed from Galilee and from Judea. Hearing what he was doing, a large number of people came to him also from Jerusalem, from Idumea, from beyond the Jordan, and from the neighborhood of Tyre and Sidon. He told his disciples to have a boat ready for him because of the crowd, so that they would not crush him. He had cured many and, as a result, those who had diseases were pressing upon him to touch him. And whenever unclean spirits saw him they would fall down before him and shout, “You are the Son of God.” He warned them sternly not to make him known.

In Anne a lay apostle's book Lessons in Love, it's clear we as parents/grandparents must lead the way in teaching our children to choose God before all else:

"A healthy attitude for any family will be to promote an outpouring of gratitude to God for whatever blessings they have been given—material, spiritual or relational. A positive approach to our faith will teach our children to flow out from Christ generously. As an example, because we believe that God is the author of life and that each life is precious and willed by God, we will teach our children to value life, by understanding that abortion is wrong, of course, and contributing to the support of mothers who face challenging circumstances. Parents, we teach our children to be always for something, rather than always against something. We must be a positive force in the world, drawing others into the stream of goodness and the stream of the emerging Church rather than a negative force which will mark our children as superior and contemptuous. Always compassion, always mercy, always gratitude."

Lay apostles, pray today for all those who are considering abortion. How can you help guide/support a young woman choosing life? There are many ways to show support: visit to see how you can contribute.

Thank you, Lord, for forgiving me of my past and propelling me forward to help those who choose life.

God bless,

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