Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Visit to Seattle lay apostle prayer group

My trip to Seattle last week included a “Meet and Greet” with the Everett, WA lay apostle prayer group. Richard, the group leader, invited my husband and I for a light meal and fellowship at his home. I had spoken to Richard several times on the phone, hearing his love for Christ and this apostolate radiate from his voice. It was no different in person. Prior to meeting with the group, I had been editing Heavenly Healing for the next printing with Jane Miller (DFOT). The section we were editing included the testimony of Yolanda T. from the state of Washington. I sent Yolanda an email asking how close she was to Seattle and invited her to join us at Richard’s. After several emails back and forth, we discovered that Yolanda attended the same church as Richard and had been wanting to join a lay apostle prayer group in her area. And, when I contacted Richard about Yolanda joining us, he knew exactly who she was and said she was one of his prayer warriors. Our Lord is at work here, uniting His lay apostles to climb the mountain together, picking up strength in each step we take.

“Consider a mountain. On that mountain is a path that has been marked out carefully for each of us by Jesus. Jesus is at the top. The world is at the bottom. If we get on that path and begin to climb, we will reach Jesus. We climb the mountain through our daily ‘yes’ to Jesus.” Climbing the Mountain, Page 5, Anne, a lay apostle

Thank you, Lord, for placing lay apostles in my life. With each person I meet, my love for You and Your mercy deepens more than I could have ever imagined.

God bless,