Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Proud to be a Catholic!

I am still on cloud nine...My youngest daughter Taylor (age 20) and I (along with my friend Karen and her son Tim) went to the Eucharistic Day of Renewal in Justice, IL this past weekend. Friday night we attended the Re-Charge event, the youth division of DFOT headed by Nora McCarthy. I couldn't have asked for more seeing my daughter enjoy hanging out with a group of young discerning men and women (who, by the way, I adore!). Keith, Patrick, Ryan, Tim, Karen Anne, Emma, Kathleen, and Janie are young people discerning for the priesthood and religious life. They are full of energy and make it cool to be Catholic.

I was asked to do the first reading at the Mass on Saturday. Now, I don't have a problem getting up in front of a huge crowd to speak when I know the subject VERY well. But, doing a reading with some words in the bible that are foreign, that's a whole other cup of tea! Genesis 18 was the reading. I'm not sure which Bible I was reading from, but words like "womanly periods dried up" and "sexual pleasure" were in this version!! And, it was so long!! I could feel my voice shaking, but kept my pace slow while reading. But, I survived and my daughter said I did a great job. Well, what else could she say?

As expected, Anne's talk was, to say the least, inspiring. One point driven to the core was how much we hurt our beautiful Savior when we sin. Whether that be by addictions, pornography, even lying, He is with us in every moment. Something I need to remember when I am tempted by choices that will only benefit me, not the Heavenly Kingdom. But, I am only human and I sin. I am a sinner. There is only one perfect person that walked the face of this earth sinless. And He died for us so that our sins would be forgiven. Could you say you would die for someone so that their sins would be forgiven? People you don't even know?

Thank you, Jesus, for the sacrifice of Yourself, for me, Bonnie Shoemaker and everyone walking the face of this earth.

God bless,